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Take a trip down south to the Surrey area, and you are in and amongst some of the greatest Formula1™ heritage the British isles has to offer,

Head towards Woking Surrey and a small area called Long Reach, Ockham - you turn into a rather innocuous looking wooded area, where you initially think - "I must be lost"

however head half way down the road through the woods, and on your right hand side, you will see a small sign that reads "The Tyrrell Building".

Driving upto the Building it is clearly sign posted as private property so we encourage people not to enter, if the premises are closed/shut, however if they are open have a wonder down, and you will be greeted by Ken Tyrrell's "Wooden Shed" which still stands, where he started the team in a lumberyard.

A video of which is available to see on YouTube here -

Nowadays the original shed has been over shadowed by more modern units, which were added by Tyrrell as the team grew, but as you stand looking at the wooden shed, and the units, its hard to see where such great cars and enguiniety such as the Tyrrell P34 "6Wheeler" F1™ Car, The 1971 constructors winning Tyrrell 003 originated from.

Jackie Stewart Won his first drivers champion ship with Tyrrell in the Tyrrell based Matra MS10 Car, Again in 1971 with the Tyrrell Ford 001/002/003 and lastly in 1973 with the Tyrrell 005/006.

Whilst visiting Tyrrell's Building, why not also check out the old sites of Connaught, Cooper, and the Current home of the McLaren F1 team all in the same area.

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