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MARCH / Leyton House F1™

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March Engineering began operations in 1969. Its four founders were Max Mosley, Alan Rees, Graham Coaker and Robin Herd. The company name is an acronym of their initials - "M"osley, "A"lan "R"ees, "C"oaker, and "H"erd. They each had a specific area of expertise: Mosley looked after the commercial side, Herd was the designer, Rees managed the racing team and Coaker oversaw production at the factory in Bicester, Oxfordshire. The history of March is dominated by the conflict between the need for constant development and testing to remain at the peak of competitiveness in F1 and the need to build simple, reliable cars for customers in order to make a profit. Herd's original F1 plan was to build a single-car team around Jochen Rindt, but Rindt became dismayed at the size of the March programme and elected to continue at Team Lotus.

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* Chris Amon

* Ronnie Peterson

* Niki Lauda

* Derek Daly

* Ivan Capelli


Once Home to the March / Leyton House F1™ Team - Now sits a MOT Garage, with little or no signs of the former F1 teams present.

SEE ALSO JUDD ENGINES - Engine supplier to March F1™ 1988/1989

SEE ALSO ILMOR ENGINESEngine supplier to March/Leyton House F1™ 1992

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