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F1™ and Britain - 

Britain is steeped in Formula1™ History, from the First competitive Grand Prix championship event, being held at Silverstone in May 1950,  to modern Formula1™ With 7 of the Modern F1™ Teams being based in the UK.

Britain has seen many Formula1™ Teams come and Go, or materialise into present F1™ Teams - and their ghosts can still be found around the UK today,


This website details the F1™ Teams that are currently with us,

their whereabouts and history, along with teams that may have gone, but not been forgotten.


Click on the History map, for a detailed map of the F1 Teams, where they were, what's there now - and a little info on the team,


These places are still there to visit today, to learn a little more about the sports heritage. 

mclaren old factory.jpg
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