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East Street Coventry

Friar Road Coventry

Widdrington Road Coventry

Coventry-Climax was F1's first privateer engine, it won championships with Cooper and Lotus. Although their first engines were fairly under-powered, Cooper placed them behind the driver to give better handling, meaning that the first mid- engine car to win a grand Prix (and championship) was powered by this engine. Their engines were also immensely popular during the early 1960s (due to a rule change which made engines smaller) because their engines were lighter than most other engines.


* Cooper 

* Lotus

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Coventry Climax engines resided in numerous locations around Coventry.

Starting off in East Street Coventry - moving to Friar Road in the 1920's, and then acquiring the Former Riley car premises in Widdrington Road Coventry, 

Friar road is now mainly large student accommodation,  with no signs of its past,

East street, was originally home to a bikes works factory, details of which can still be seen from the road, however is now an IBIS hotel 

The premises at Widdrington Road can still be identified, however now home another business 



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