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Vanwall Racing 


Vanwall was a motor racing team and racing car constructor that was active in Formula One during the 1950s. Founded by Tony Vandervell, the Vanwall name was derived by combining the name of the team owner with that of his Thinwall bearings produced at the Vandervell Products factory at Acton, London. Originally entering modified Ferraris in non-championship races, Vanwall constructed their first cars to race in the 1954 Formula One season.


  Vanwall's most notable success came in the 1958 season ,  where despite failing to win the drivers championship, Vanwall did manage to clinch the "international Cup for F1 Manufacturers" , which is the equivalent of the modern day F1 constructors Championship. The 1958 season was the last one in which Vanwall entered every race. Vandervell's health was failing and he had been advised by his doctors to rest. The team continued half-heartedly. Brooks made one appearance in a lower and lighter Vanwall at 1959 British Grand Prix, proving less successful against the new mid-engined Coopers, and the team tried again with another car in the 1960 French Grand Prix. These efforts lacked the seriousness of the past however and they were unsuccessful.

The last racing Vanwall was an "unwieldy" rear-engined machine produced for the 1961 3.0 litre Intercontinental Formula. 







* Stirling Moss

* Stuart Lewis Evans

* Tony Brooks


* Colin Chapman (Future founder of Lotus) 

Engine Partners

* VANWALL Engines


Vanwall F1 Models, and teamwear can be found on here

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