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Coventry Climax F1 Engines

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

With 40 race Wins to its name, Coventry-Climax was F1's first privateer engine, it won championships with Cooper and Lotus. Although their first engines were fairly under-powered, Cooper placed them behind the driver to give better handling, meaning that the first mid- engine car to win a grand Prix (and championship) was powered by this engine. Their engines were also immensely popular during the early 1960s (due to a rule change which made engines smaller) because their engines were lighter than most other engines.

Based in Coventry - Coventry Climax were located in numerous locations around Coventry, finally settling in the old Riley car planet in Widdrington Road Coventry - some of the locations have now gone, replaced with modern buildings and student accommodation - the old Riley plan location at Widdrington Road can still be seen, from their old office buildings on Sandy Lane

On New Union Street Coventry, is the Cheylesmore car park, previously the site of engine maker Coventry Climax, founded in 1919. It moved to Friars Road, behind the car park, in the 1930s. Some 20 years later, it became famous for making the Feather Weight racing car engine.

You can still visit East Street, and Friars Road locations - however both bear no identification of the former Climax factories, instead being replaced by newer more modern buildings and student accommodation.

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