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Rebaque F1™

Think of Formula1™, its great teams and great drivers, in grand factories and locations,

we're pretty sure that Leamington Spa, doesn't immediately spring to mind as the location of a Formula1™ Team, However this is where Mexican registered Formula1™ Team Rebaque F1, found their home base.

The team was founded by Héctor Rebaque, a Mexican Formula1™ driver, who first drove in F1™ for Hesketh Racing, during the 1977 season. Following his debut season, Rebaque was dropped by Hesketh, and with no other team willing to take him on, he decided that he would start his own F1™ Team.

At the start of the 1978 Formula One season Rebaque agreed a deal with Team Lotus to buy their 1977 Type 78 model (JPS-15). He had very little experience, only having qualified for one race with Hesketh, and had a difficult year, although he did score a point at the German Grand Prix,

The team continued this arrangement with Lotus, to continue buying their cars for the 1979 season, this time with their championship winning Type 79 Chassis. However during the yer, Hector Rebaque commissioned Penske, to build a chassis - the Rebaque HR100. The design of this car, was heavily influenced by the design of the Lotus 79, with some elements of the Williams FW07, also incorporated.

The new chassis was completed in time for the Italian GP of that year, however failed to qualify or finish the final three races that year.

The team closed down at the end of the year, with Hector Rebaque himself, moving to the Brabham F1™ Team, midway through the 1980 Season.

The team manager was Peter Reinhart , and was run out of Ian Dawson works in Leamington Spa. Unit 6 Jenton Rd. Sydenham Industrial Estate.GRID MOTOR RACING SERVICES LTD

There are no signs of the former F1™ team in and around Leamington Spa, and the whereabouts of the old factory is difficult to see from the main road today, with number 6 becoming a new building, offset from the main road. Sneek between the buildings visible, you will see the rear of the buildings where the team once stood.

Leamington Spa's one and only Formula1™ Racing team.

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